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Inno’on Laoh is the UB Indigenous Student Association founded on October 16th 2017. Over the past year, we have hosted events such as the International Mother language Day, Indigenous peoples Day and the most recent Evening of Caldo, all under our vision ‘Unity through Maya culture experience'. We strive to protect and preserve our Mayan heritage. Join our club and experience being Mayan with us :=)

Our Vision

Unity through Mayan cultural experience.

Our Mission

The fostering of Mayan (Ketchi, Mopan, Yucatecan, Itza) Culture in a scholarly platform for the revitalization and enhancement of indigenous cultural value and philosophies through education, research and service.

Our Purpose

To foster and promote the appreciation for indigenous Maya cultural diversity on and off campus.
To provide a forum for discussion, where members can fellowship collegially, in the University community and those of like mind.
To enhance cultural awareness through education, service and research.
To enhance the mission of the univerity in education through its presence in the public and the University arena.

Upcomming Events

International mother langauge Day

Friday, 12th October 2018

Evening of Caldo

Friday, 13th September 2019

Mayan Photoshoot

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

Deer Dance and More

Saturday, 30th November 2019


Friday, 1st Dec 2019


Friday, 1st Dec 2019

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